ALK Financial Services

Simplicity at it's finest

Established since 1998, ALK Financial Services focuses on providing goal directed services to the business community. With a rooted excellent service delivery culture coupled with years of expierence, we understand the dynamics and challenges of small, medium and large companies by providing them with Enterprise Resourse Planning ( ERP ), Customer Relationship Management ( CRM ), Payroll, Accounting and other IT Solutions.

ALK Financial Services was founded during the 90’s when organizations were downsizing and retrenching staff.

The founding member Andre Kleinhans has been in the Information Technology business since 1974, having developed computerized application software for the likes of Kellogg’s South Africa, Richards Bay Mineral and Standard Bank to name but a few.


ALK pride themselves in their professionalism delivering to promise partnering with our customers and suppliers. Accreditation and professional qualifications are the cornerstone for delivering on this promise. Expertise and practical application of the various applications is where ALK differentiates itself from the rest of the competition. Our knowledge of the various business requirements of owners, managers and major stakeholders enables us to design business processing solutions that accommodate control, delivery and cost within the requirements of the customer.


We know what works and what does not.