Pastel Payroll 5 in 1

This solution includes all of the features and functionality that usually have to be purchased in add-on modules with conventional payroll solutions.

Sage Pastel Payroll 5-in-1 provides a complete suite of employee management tools at a single price for affordable and feature-rich business enablement. You no longer need to purchase extensions for HR software, Employee Self-Service and various other modules. The complete suite of personnel management functions is now available within the existing payroll application.

The 5-in-1 software provides employee performance management by enabling seamless integration of all employee management functions such as leave, IRP5 distribution, payslip distribution, disciplinary process management, job management, and a plethora of other related functions.

In the current tough business conditions, 5-in-1 constitutes an affordable, comprehensive payroll software solution. The software design caters for the full spectrum of requirements, including pre-defined sets of transactions for less complex payroll and HR solutions, and more powerful, customisable features and functions for companies whose requirements are more sophisticated.

If you answer yes to the questions below Sage Pastel Payroll 5-in-1
is your ideal Payroll & HR solution.

  • Do you hire or fire people? (Human Resources)
  • Do you want to distribute payslips via the web? (Employee Self Service)
  • Do you pay employees? (Payroll)
  • Do you want to put all your staff on leave with one click? (Multiple Transactions Manager)
  • Do you transfer funds to Medical Aids, Provident Funds or any other vendor? (Third Party Payments, available in selected countries)